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#24 Guest Episode: Jade Wu, Part 2 (粵語)

This episode features the second part of our conversation with Jade Wu, where we discuss her publishing process and some of the ways her students have taught her over the years. Resources suggested at the end of the episode: Language Reactor Hong Kong Connection Rhapsody in Lingo CantoTalk Resonate Literary Magazine Vocabulary 1. 私底下 si1 dai2 haa6 (ADV) in private 2. 克服 hak1 fuk6 (V) to overcome 3. 熟悉 suk6 sik1 (ADJ) familiar 4. 特長 dak6 coeng4 (N) skill, specialty 5. 搜集 sau2 zaap6 (V) to collect 6. 輔導師 fu6 dou6 si1 (N) counsellor 7. 一頭冷水潑落嚟 jat1 tau4 laang5 seoi2 but6 lok6 lai4 (EXP) to rain on someone’s parade; to dampen someone’s expectations 8. 仁慈 jan4 ci4 (ADJ) kind, merciful 9. 控制 hung3 zai3 (N/V) control; to control 10. 起步 hei2 bou6 (N) headstart 11. 廣泛 gwong2 faan6 (ADJ) broad, wide 12. 層面 cang4 min2 (N) level 13. 評語 ping4 jyu5 (N) comment, remark 14. 攻擊 gung1 gik1 (V/N) to attack; attack 15. 強大 koeng4 daai6 (ADJ) powerful, strong 16. 圖片 tou4 pin2 (N) picture, image 17. 排版 paai4

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