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#32 Guest Episode: Bernice Chan, Part 2 (粵語)

Bernice Chan is a reporter whose career has stretched across the Pacific, reporting for both the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and CBC in Vancouver. She also hosted the award-winning podcast Eat Drink Asia. In the second part of our interview, we talk about our favorite dim sum picks, why Hongkongers love trying new flavors, and where on YouTube you can learn Cantonese cooking. 陳志媺 Bernice Chan 係一名資深記者,佢嘅事業橫跨太平洋,任職於香港嘅《南華早報》同喺溫哥華嘅加拿大廣播公司。 她仲主持過屢獲殊榮嘅 Eat Drink Asia 播客節目。 喺訪問嘅第二部分,我哋傾吓我哋鍾意食嘅點心、點解香港人鍾意嘗試新口味、同一個學習做粵菜嘅 YouTube 頻道。 Made With Lau YouTube Channel Vocabulary 食齋 sik6 zaai1 (VO) to eat vegetarian 揀 gaan2 (V) to choose/pick/select 燜 man1 (V) to simmer/stew 撈埋 lou1 maai4 (V) to blend/mix/stir 松子 cung4 zi2 (N) pine nut 蘿蔔糕 lo4 baak6 gou1 (N) radish cake 煎 zin1 (V) to pan fry 蒸 zing1 (V) to steam 筆記 bat1 gei3 (N) note 即刻 zik1 haak1 (ADV) immediately 馬拉糕 maa5 laai1 gou1 (N) Cantonese/Malay sponge cake 鹹水角 haam4 seoi2 gok3 (N) fried sticky rice dumpling 食飽 sik6 baau2 (VC) eat

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