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#31 Guest Episode: Bernice Chan, Part 1 (粵語)

Bernice Chan is a reporter whose career has stretched across the Pacific, reporting for both the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and CBC in Vancouver. She also hosted the award-winning podcast Eat Drink Asia. In the first part of our interview, we talk about the trajectory of her career and the influence Hong Kong had on how she learned Cantonese. Be sure to check back next episode for the conclusion of our conversation. 陳志媺 Bernice Chan 係一名資深記者,佢嘅事業橫跨太平洋,任職於香港嘅《南華早報》同喺溫哥華嘅加拿大廣播公司。 她仲主持過屢獲殊榮嘅 Eat Drink Asia 播客節目。 喺訪問嘅第一部分,我哋講到佢嘅職業生涯以及香港對佢學習粵語嘅影響。 請記得收聽埋下一集我哋對話嘅後半部份。 Vocabulary 嘉賓 gaa1 ban1 (N) guest 資深 zi1 sam1 (ADJ) experienced, veteran 傳媒 cyun4 mui4 (N) media 內容 noi6 jung4 (N) content 卒之 zeot1 zi1 (ADV) eventually, finally 訪問 fong2 man6 (N/V) interview; to interview 執笠 zap1 lap1 (VO) close for business (lit. pack basket) 廣播 gwong2 bo3 (N/V) broadcast; to broadcast 奧運 ou3 wan6 (N) Olympic games 報社 bou3 se5 (N) news agency 共同 gung6 tung4 (ADJ/ADV) common; together 主修 zyu2 sau1 (N

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