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#38 Learning Tip: Measure Words/量詞 (loeng6 ci4), Part 1 (English/粵)

Measure words (also referred to as "classifiers" in linguistics, or 量詞/ loeng6 ci4 ) appear in multiple languages, but they have some special functions in Cantonese. Today we begin to discuss what to watch out for when studying or teaching them, as well as some of the ways that their usage differs between Cantonese and Mandarin.  Vocabulary 數量 sou3 loeng6 (N) amount, quantity 特性 dak6 sing3 (N) characteristic, feature 理解 lei5 gaai2 (N/V) comprehension; to understand 策略 caak3 loek6 (N) strategy 配搭 pui3 daap3 (N/V) match; to match 猜 caai1 (V) to guess (formal) 估 gu2 (V) to guess (colloquial) 通用 tung1 jung6 (ADJ) common 廣泛 gwong2 faan6 (ADJ/ADV) broad; widely 自動 zi6 dung6 (ADV/ADJ) automatically; automatic 留心 lau4 sam1 (ADV/V) attentively; to pay attention 敏感 man5 gam2 (ADJ) sensitive 頻率 pan4 leot2 (N) frequency 啖 daam6 (C) mouthful 一路

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