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#26 Learning Tip: SFPs 3 - zaa3, ze1, zek1, and zaa4 (English/粵語)

More sentence final particles in this episode, this time centering around ones beginning with "z." They can be helpful for talking about quantity, degree, and justification--like when you're talking about that person who's "just" a friend... Vocabulary 1. 打算 daa2 syun3 (V/N) to plan; plan 2. 理解 lei5 gaai2 (V/N) to understand; comprehension 3. 數量 sou3 loeng6 (N) quantity 4. 程度 cing4 dou6 (N) degree, extent, level 5. 具體 geoi6 tai2 (ADJ) specific 6. 示範 si6 faan6 (V/N) to demonstrate; demonstration 7. 買餸 maai5 sung3 (VO) to buy food/grocery 8. 減價 gaam2 gaa3 (VO/N) to reduce price; (on) sale 9. 想像 soeng2 zoeng6 (V/N) to imagine; imagination 10. 方言 fong1 jin4 (N) dialect, topolect 11. 抽象 cau1 zoeng6 (ADJ) abstract 12. 結果 git3 gwo2 (N) consequence, result 13. 呢排 ni1 paai2/4 (ADV) recently (lit. this period) 14. 鋪頭 pou3 tau2 (N) shop, store 15. 相反 soeng1 faan2 (ADJ) opposite 16. 合理 hap6 lei5 (ADJ) reasonable 17. 感冒 gam2 mou6 (V/N) to catch a cold; cold 18. 辯護 bin6 w

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