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#20 Guest Episode: Vivek Mahbubani, Part 2 (粵語)

This week features the second half of our discussion with Vivek Mahbubani, a bilingual stand-up comedian from Hong Kong who performs in both Cantonese and English. He has appeared in local film, TV, and radio, and he also co-hosts the podcast Ho Ho Hong Kong. This week we look into Vivek’s tips for learning Cantonese, and the role that humor can play in language acquisition. Vivek's website Cantonese Alliance of North America Cantonese Creators Collective Cantonese Language Association 粵語長片台 Vocabulary 1. 竅門 hiu3 mun4 (N) trick, tip, know-how 2. 心態 sam1 taai3 (N) mentality 3. 觸摸 zuk1 mo2 (V) to feel, to touch 4. 語氣 jyu5 hei3 (N) tone of voice 5. 噓 hoe1 (V) to boo 6. 發嬲 faat3 nau1 (VO) to get angry 7. 黐線 ci1 sin3 (VO/SL) to become crazy 8. 早響 zou2 hoeng2 (V/SL) to (early) alert 9. 畫面 waa2 min2 (N) scene, picture 10. 一模一樣 jat1 mou4 jat1 joeng6 (EXP) exactly the same 11. 夾硬 gaap3 ngaang2 (ADV/SL) forcibly 12. 勁悶 ging6 mun6 (ADJ/SL) super boring 13. 調轉 diu6 zyun3 (V) to reverse 14. 正經

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