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#36 Guest Episode: Allan Lau and Duck Lau, Part 2 (粵語)

劉熙信係一名全方位音樂人,從事歌曲及廣告音樂製作、電影電視配樂同電子遊戲聲效設計。 劉祖德係著名 香港 音樂人/作曲人,有份參與監製、作曲或編曲,亦曾喺眾多歌星嘅演唱會及唱片中擔任和音及演繹指導。 今集係訪問嘅第二部分,我哋討論到粵語配音同填詞嘅一啲原則同趣事。 Born and raised in Canada, Allan Lau is a versatile musician, doing everything from orchestrating movie scores to crafting commercial theme tracks for multinational corporations. He is also a voice artist and bass singer, bringing to life video game characters and movie trailers. Duck Lau Cho Tak is an award-winning Hong Kong musician/composer actively engaged in various music scenes. He is also an experienced singer, having served as chorus member and performance director for numerous concerts and records.  In this second part of our interview, we discuss some principles and interesting aspects of Cantonese voiceover work and lyric writing. Vocabulary 範圍 faan6 wai4 (N) range 配音 pui3 jam1 (VO) voice over 賺(啲)外快 zaan6 (di1) ngoi6 faai3 (VO) to earn (some) extra money 熟悉 suk6 sik1 (ADJ) familiar 歪(晒) me2 (saai3) (ADJ) (totally) crooked/slanted 港產片 gong2 caan

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