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#28 Guest Episode: Gina Anne Tam, Part 2 (English/粵語)

This episode features the second half of our discussion with Dr. Gina Anne Tam, Associate Professor of History at Trinity University, and author of  Dialect and Nationalism in China, 1860 – 1960  from Cambridge University Press. In this episode, we talk about the relationship between Mandarin and Cantonese in teaching and academia, as well as English’s immense power in the global linguistic landscape. Works mentioned in this episode: Silencing Shanghai , by Fang Xu Gerald Roche (various articles) Cantonese as Written Language , by Don Snow Not Like a Native Speaker , by Rey Chow The Fall of Language in the Age of English , by Minae Mizumura Borderlands/La Frontera , by Gloria Anzaldúa Speak Not: Empire, Identity and the Politics of Language , by James Griffiths Sound, Meaning, Shape: The Phonologist Wei Jiangong (1901-1980) between Language Study and Language Planning , by Mariana Münning Vocabulary 1. 平等 ping4 dang2 (ADJ) equal 2. 貢獻 gung3 hin3 (N/V) contribution; to contribute 3. 作用

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