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#37 Conversation: Reading and Writing for Cantonese Speakers (粵, w/《絮言狂想》)

The following is a very special conversation episode where Raymond and I were joined by Israel, Kenny, and Samuel from the podcast seoi6 jin4 kwong4 soeng2 . In that podcast, the trio uses Cantonese to discuss learning just about every other language in the world, and we highly recommend it to listeners of Chatty Cantonese. Another portion of our conversation appeared on the seoi6 jin4 kwong4 soeng2 feed back in January, so once you finish this episode, you might as well listen to the other part–you’ll find a link in the show notes.  以下呢一集係特備對談節目,Cameron 同我今次有絮言狂想播客節目嘅以色列、靳尼同三苗加入。 喺佢哋嘅播客裏面,三位主持使用粵語討論學習世間上幾乎所有其他語言嘅趣事,我哋特別推薦畀粵語白白講嘅聽眾。 我哋對話嘅另一部分已經喺一月份嘅絮言狂想節目中出現過,所以你聽完呢一集之後,不妨聽埋節目另一部分——你會喺我哋嘅節目說明中搵到連結。 Useful links: 絮言狂想 TypeDuck Hong Kong Code-Mixing Dictionary Refold Cantonese Vocabulary 話題 waa6 tai4 (N) topic of conversation 要求 jiu1 kau4 (N/V) requirement; to require 身份 san1 fan2 (N) identity 唐詩 tong4 si1 (N) Tang poems 複雜 fuk1 za

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