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#35 Guest Episode: Allan Lau and Duck Lau, Part 1 (粵語)

Welcome to Season 3 of Chatty Cantonese! We start things off with a double-interview with two notable figures from the world of Cantopop, Allan Lau and Duck Lau. In addition to talking about their own musical experiences, the pair explain some Cantopop history and how newbies can learn more about the genre and its connection with Hong Kong culture. Vocabulary 難得 naan4 dak1 (ADJ/ADV) rare; rarely 破天荒 po3 tin1 fong1 (ADJ) unprecedented 榮幸 wing4 hang6 (ADJ/N) honored; honor 製作 zai3 zok3 (N/V) production; to produce 監製 gaam1 zai3 (V/N) to produce as supervisor; producer 填(埋)詞 tin4 (maai4) ci4 (VO) write song lyrics (as well) 和音 wo6 jam1 (N) vocal harmony 主音 zyu2 jam1 (N) lead singer 樂手 ngok6 sau2 (N) musician 紅館 hung4 gun2 (N) Hong Kong Coliseum 元素 jyun4 sou3 (N) element 撈(撈埋)埋 lou1 (lou1 maai4) maai4 (VC) to blend/mix together 吻合 man5 hap6 (ADJ/V) matched; to coincide 粵曲 jyut6 kuk1 (N) Cantonese operatic music 粵劇 jyut6 kek6 (N) Cantonese opera 夾雜 gaap3 zaap6 (V) to blend/mix 起源 hei2 jyun

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